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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Kevin J. Anderson announces 2113 novella and Rush-based story anthology

Update - 9/17/14

When I first posted this, I somehow missed one of the major announcements. Reading Kevin's most recent blog entry, I can see there are actually three Rush-related releases that Kevin is working on.

1. An anthology of Rush-inspired stories that he's co-editing.

2. A new novella that Kevin is writing entitled 2113

3. A sequel to Clockwork Angels entitled Clockwork Lives that Kevin is writing with Neil Peart.


At Rushcon 2014 this weekend, Clockwork Angels: The Novel author  Kevin J. Anderson had two big Rush-related announcements: A new novella he's writing entitled 2113, as well as an anthology of Rush-based stories he's co-editing.

Kevin also made the announcement via his NEW Facebook page:

For those of you NOT lucky enough to be at Rushcon, I made an announcement this afternoon about an anthology of Rush-based stories I'll be coediting with John McFetridge for ECW (publishers of Clockwork Angels). We have a gang of award-winning and bestselling authors already lined up to contribute stories based on Rush songs. And I'll be doing a novella called "2113".

Thanks to Kevin for the head's up!

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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Neil Peart update: August 2014 - "Magnetic Mirages"

Neil has updated his website with a new three-part story. You can read it here:

August 2014 - "Magnetic Mirages"

Neil writes about the eight Channel Islands off the coast of Southern California, including two recent trips to multiple islands. In the picture below, Peart had been "bombed" by some gulls on Anacapa Island.


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Friday, August 15, 2014

Neil Peart to appear at Music Expo 2014 (online)

MusicRadar announced that Neil Peart will appear at the online Music Expo 2014. Here's some info about Music Expo 2014 from MusicRadar:

The MusicRadar Drum Expo 2014 runs in association with Rhythm magazine on Wed 20 and Thurs 21 August. Stay tuned for more information on which gear companies will be taking part in this exclusive two-day online show for drummers.

No word on when Peart will appear. More info when it's available.


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