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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Peart to record "The Hockey Theme"

Neil Peart will record a new version of The Hockey Theme. From the "Globe and Mail" story:

The theme, originally composed by Dolores Claman in 1968, was best known as the music that opened CBC's "Hockey Night in Canada" for 40 years.

Peart's theme will be used on TSN and RDS broadcasts later this year.

Globe and Mail: Peart to Record "Hockey Theme"

Press Release

Thanks to Eric at PowerWindows and Ed at Rushisaband for the head's up.


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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Neil Peart and John Good discuss DW's latest shell technology

There's an article in the latest DW Edge magazine, where Neil Peart and John Good discuss DW's latest shell technology. You'll need a PDF reader to read the article, which appears on page 15.

PDF article (4.94 MB)

Thanks to Eric at Power Windows for the head's up!


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More PASIC 2009 pictures and drummer updates

I've added more pictures from Pierre Martin and Doug Foley to the PASIC page.

Thanks to everyone for sending in your pictures!

PASIC 2009

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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Site updates and news - 11/14/09

I've recently made a few updates to the website:

It's only fitting with Neil's drums being on display in Indianapolis, that we have three replica or "inspired" kit updates:

Thanks to all the drummers for sending in the photos of their drums. Feel free to leave them a comment at the bottom of their pages.

Next we have a new Neil Peart postcard from Brian Andonian from the Snakes & Arrows timeframe.

Product updates

The new documentary The Big Story of Small Potatoes: Niagara's Rock Music History 1964 - 1974 is now available for purchase. Neil Peart was a part of this music scene, although he wasn't interviewed for the documentary. The director of the film, Paul Miil, told me via e-mail, "any Peart fan would enjoy this unique insight into the background of such an interesting and by all accounts 'great guy.'" I'm ordering a copy and will write up more after I've watched the film.

Rush: Rock Music and the Middle class: Dreaming in Middletown was released in October, and I've been reading it. The writer, Dr. Chris McDonald, is an ethnomusicologist, who uses this book to explore Rush's influence on the middle class. While it's definitely a scholarly book, it's also very readable. So far it's very interesting.


Ultimate Drum Play-Along Rush: Authentic Drum (Book & CD) (Alfred's Ultimate Play-Along) was also released in the past few months. I ordered a copy and have been reading the book and listening to the CD. There are two sets of tracks: One with a drummer (not Peart) and one without. A lot of attention is paid to getting the drum, bass, and guitar parts in most of the songs (especially on Anthem) -- but don't expect 100% accuracy on the drums. I'm assuming that the music is written from the drummer's performance (not from Neil's parts). What could be helpful -- especially to anyone trying to learn Rush drum parts -- are the tracks that don't include drum tracks. Instead, there's a click track to help guide you.

New NEP snare

All Pro Percussion announced a new Neil Peart Snakes & Arrows snare drum.


Here's the information from the Drummers Connection website:

1. Birdseye Maple w/ Walnut Inlay (pictured above)

2. Vertical Walnut w/ Birdseye Inlay

3. Waterfall Bubinga w/ Figured Sycamore Inlay

List Price: $1,499.00
Our Price: $899.99
*Place your order by October 30th, 2009 and get an extra 5% off.

Learn more...
All Pro Percussion
10101 East Adamo Drive
Tampa, FL 33619
(813) 341-3786

Thanks to for the head's up.

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Friday, November 13, 2009

Drummers test drive Peart's 1974 Slingerland kit in Indianapolis

Now that the PASIC drum show has started, drummers have been trying out Peart's 1974 Slingerland kit. Michael D.F. Lowe of, who supervised the restoration, has affectionately named the kit "Chromey."

To play the kit, drummers are giving donations to the American Cancer Society. But you don't have to be in Indianapolis to donate as part of the Rush Fans team. I donated. Scott Whalen of did too. Let's help the team raise $10,000. Click to donate now.

I've started receiving e-mail from people who have taken "Chromey" out for a test spin.

Mark Gausel was the first drummer to play the kit, and took a bunch of pictures. He wrote of the experience, "This is the best a drummer could hope for. Had to play Fly by Night and 2112."

Mark Gausel on Peart's Slingerland kit

Doug Foley also tried out Chromey and stood behind the Snakes & Arrows kit for a nice picture.

Doug Foley stands behind Peart's Snakes kit.

See the pictures on the new PASIC show in Indianapolis page. And if you attend the show, send me and e-mail with your reflections on seeing the kits, as well as any pictures you want to share.

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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

See two of Peart's drum kits at PASIC

If you're in the Indianapolis, Indiana, area this week, you have a rare opportunity to see two of Neil Peart's iconic drum kits.

Where: Percussive Arts Society Show (PASIC) in Indianapolis, Indiana Convention Center

When: November 11-14, 2009

Cost: $15 admission to Expo Hall


1. Neil Peart's first Slingerland kit - Booth #1254


$10 donation to play the kit for 1 minute for American Cancer Society.

See for more information.

2. Neil Peart's Snakes & Arrows tour kit at the Guitar Center Booth #620:


If you attend the show and take pictures, please send them to me and I'll post them for you.


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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Documentary about Niagara's Rock Music History: "The Big Story of Small Potatoes"

A new documentary, The Big Story of Small Potatoes, by filmmaker Paul Miil "explores the roots of the lost music scene of Niagara, circa 1964-1974," of which Neil Peart was a musician. While the film doesn't contain an interview with Peart, Jimmy Johnson, who became a guitar tech for Alex Lifeson, is interviewed.

One of Neil's bands, JR Flood, also has a song "Giant Killer" on the soundtrack. (Not sure if Neil is playing on this song.) (Neil does play drums on this song, according to the director, Paul Miil.)

Neil playing with JR Flood

On the website for this documentary is an "incomplete" list of bands from the Niagara music scene. Here are the bands that Neil played in according to this site (some of these are new to me):

  • Mumblin Sumpthin circa 1967 (St. Catharines micro-band)
  • Strength circa 1967-68 (micro-band) (Neil possibly sat in)
  • Wayne and the Younger Generation circa 1966-67 (falls band) was called The Devil's Diciples (sic) early 1966
  • The Younger Generation circa 1967
  • The Majority circa 1967- Dec 69 (falls/St. Catharines band) From The Younger Generation Rick Jones creation. There was a line-up of The Majority previous to this one, but no one remembers who.
  • David circa 1970 (after Skinner's version of The Majority for a couple gigs -- micro-band)
  • JR Flood circa 1968 - July 1971;  Aug 1971 - Dec 1971 (different lineup) (St. Catharines/Falls band)
  • Hush circa 1971-74

The documentary is expected to be available in Mid-November 2009.

Thanks to SRAWRATS in the Rush Forum for the head's up.


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Monday, November 02, 2009

New NEP News Update: "Autumn Serenade"

Neil has posted an update to his website called "Autumn Serenade - November 2009."


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