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Monday, October 06, 2014

Neil Peart update: October 2014 - "Science Island"

Once again, Neil Peart has updated the "News, Weather & Sports" section of his website: October 2014: "Science Island."

This installment focuses on Neil's summertime visit to the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec, including a return to the abandoned Le Studio building for an interview with Banger Films (working on a new documentary about Geddy Lee!). Le Studio is where Rush recorded many of their albums, including: Permanent Waves, Moving Pictures, Signals, Exit... Stage Left, Grace Under Pressure, Presto, Roll the Bones, and Counterparts

Neil describes the experience of revisiting Le Studio:

"At the moment of arriving, and even on the way there, I felt some emotions bubbling up, but I kind of pushed them down for the moment--unsure exactly what I was feeling, or would feel. Later I realized that the experience was really just too much to process all at once--because no other place on Earth had been more important in my life. So that's big."


Neil Peart and his Z-8 in front of Le Studio. (Photo by Martin Hawkes)


Neil Peart peering into Le Studio, where his drums were once set up. (Photo by Martin Hawkes)

Thanks to PowerWindows for the head's up!


10/6/14 - 9:45 p.m.

  • Added all Rush albums recorded or mixed at Le Studio.
  • Added quote from Neil about Le Studio.

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Sunday, October 05, 2014

Bid on rare Rush artifacts and memorabilia in Grapes for Humanity auction

As part of a Grapes for Humanity charity auction, Rush has donated many rare autographed items.  I've included photos and links to all items available (as of October 5).

For Neil Peart collectors, there are several items up for bid, including a DW "Hockey Song" snare and Remo drumhead and sticks used during the Time Machine tour. Good luck bidding!


1. Signed Geddy Lee Stage Worn Sneakers Used on Rush R30 + Time Machine Tours


2. Rush Signed Feedback 8x10 Promo Photo by Andrew MacNaughtan


3. Rush Signed Brown Sunburst Ovation Parlor Acoustic USED Geddy Lee Home Studio


4. Rare Rush Signed Moving Pictures Live Test Pressing 200 gram vinyl; 1 of 4 made


5. Rush Signed Different Stages 8x10 Promo Photo shot, Black and White

Item image

6. Rush Signed Tour/Studio USED Oberheim DSX Sequencer Custom - Vital Signs Sticker


Check out the "Vital Signs" sticker!


7. Neil Peart Rush Signed DW Snare Drum with NHL Logos Rare Limited Edition, 1 of 6


8. Rush Neil Peart Signed Drumhead + Used Neil Peart Signature Sticks Time Machine


9. Rare Rush ReDISCovered (1974) Signed Vinyl Test Pressing 200 g vinyl LP; 1 of 4


10. Rush Roll the Bones Backdrop/Equipment Cover - Used on 1991 Roll the Bones Tour


11. Rush Signed Rush in Rio 8x10 promo photo by Andrew MacNaughtan


12. Rush Signed Alex Lifeson Signature Gibson Les Paul Axcess - Signed by Rush


13. Vintage Rush Signed Grace Under Pressure 8x10 Promo Photo by Yousuf Karsh


14. Rush Signed Limited Edition Fender Geddy Lee Replica Jazz Bass Custom Shop Relic


15. Vintage Rush Signed Hold Your Fire 8x10 Promo Photo by Glen Wexler


16. Rush Vintage Silver Rush Road Case USED on many Rush tours (w/ Signed Letter)


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Saturday, October 04, 2014

Moving Pictures voted most influential Prog album

Rhythm and Music Radar readers have chosen Rush's Moving Pictures as the most influential Prog album of all time.

Their story provides an excellent analysis about why Moving Pictures is such an important album and drum performance (for Prog or any other genre). Here's an excerpt:

Your winners by a country mile, Neil Peart and Rush are the prog heavyweight champions as chosen by Rhythm and MusicRadar readers.

After their progressive proclivities reached a zenith on the albums A Farewell To Kings and Hemispheres, Rush showed signs of moving away from epic compositions towards more radio-friendly rock on 1980's Permanent Waves.

But it was on Moving Pictures that their new direction reached fruition as Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and Neil Peart proved they could write radio-friendly hits that were still musically rich and satisfyingly complex. The group recorded the album at Le Studio, Morin Heights, Quebec with Terry Brown who had been Rush's producer since their second album Fly By Night in 1975.

Characteristically, Peart came to the recording sessions with every groove, fill and flam meticulously planned out and rehearsed. Seeking to try to capture the sound of the drums the way Peart heard them as he was playing, engineer Paul Northfield experimented with taping a PZM microphone to Peart's chest to capture the sound from the drummer's perspective.

The album became Rush's most successful, reaching Number 3 in both the US and UK charts. It opens with a track that remains a live standard to this day - 'Tom Sawyer'. As catchy as the song is, the drumming is enormously detailed.

 Read the rest of the story here.

Also topping the list of 30 albums were:

Systematic Chaos (2007) - Band: Dream Theater; Drummer: Mike Portnoy

AEnima (1996)- Band: Tool; Drummer: Danny Carey

The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway (1974) - Band: Genesis; Drummer: Phil Collins

Fear of a Blank Planet (2007) - Band: Porcupine Tree; Drummer: Gavin Harrison

Fragile (1972) - Band: Yes; Drummer: Bill Bruford

The Dark Side of the Moon (1973) - Band: Pink Floyd; Drummer: Nick Mason

In the Court of the Crimson King (1969) - Band: King Crimson; Drummer: Michael Giles


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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Neil Peart Timeline: The Early Years - 1952 - 1974

To celebrate Rush's 40th anniversary, I've put together an extensive timeline of Neil Peart's early years, covering 1952 - 1974.


There are three sections to the timeline:

I: Childhood: 1952 - 1964 - Before drums

II: Early teenage years: 1965 - 1968 - Becoming a drummer

III: Early adult years: 1969 - 1974: Becoming a professional musician

In addition, I wrote two short essays about the history of rock and roll and the technology that made it possible:

A brief history of rock and roll

Rock and roll machinery

Let me know if you have any comments or feedback, and thanks for reading!

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Friday, September 12, 2014

Happy 62nd Birthday, Neil Peart!

Neil Peart turns 62 today, Friday, September 12. Neil Peart News would like to wish the Professor a Happy Birthday!

To celebrate the occasion (as well as the R40 year for Rush), we've put together a brand new timeline of Neil Peart's early years, covering 1952-1974. You'll also find a lot of other historical information to provide some context. We hope you enjoy it!


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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

R40 Blu-ray box set coming in November

Update: 9/17/14 posted a press release and a trailer today (with a higher-res version of the cover art that I've replaced below).

Rolling Stone posted an article about the release as well.


Update: 9/15/14

R40 is now available for pre-order on Amazon.


UK website SpinCDs has posted a listing for box set of 6 Rush Blu-rays releasing on November 17, 2014. The price listed on the site is 119 pounds (about $194 US dollars). This set includes Rush's past five concert releases on Blu-ray format. Here are the some other highlights:

  • Rush in Rio on Blu-ray for the first time
  • 56-page hardback book
  • Bonus disc:
    • An unreleased 1997 Test for Echo Molson Amphitheatre performance. Songs include: 1) Limelight 2) Half the World 3) Limbo 4) Virtuality 5) Nobody's Hero 6) Test for Echo 7) Leave That Thing Alone/Drum Solo 8) 2112 (all seven parts).
    • Capitol Theatre 1976 performance. Songs include: 1) Bastille Day 2) Anthem 3) Lakeside Park 4) 2112 5) Fly By Night/In The Mood
    • Lock and Key 1988
    • I Still Love You Man 2011
    • Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction 2013


Thanks to Rushisaband for the head's up!

Details from SpinCDs site:

2014 marks the 40th anniversary of the release of Rush's eponymous debut album in 1974. This superb collector's box set brings together live performances by Rush from each decade of their career. It includes "Rush In Rio", "R30", "Snakes & Arrows Live", "Time Machine 2011: Live In Cleveland" and "Clockwork Angels Tour" plus a bonus disc of previously unseen live material stretching from 1974 to 2013. Rush are renowned for the energy and excitement of their live concerts and this set brings together some of their finest performances. The 6 Blu-ray discs are contained in a stunning 56 page hardback book measuring 305mm x 225mm with the 6 discs contained in 5 additional rigid insert pages. The 56 pages of the book are filled with memorabilia and photographs documenting 40 years of Rush live in concert. This is the ultimate collection of Rush live performances, beautifully presented.

Bonus Features

See attached sheets for details of bonus features on each set.

The ultimate set of Rush live concerts on Blu-ray.

Includes "Rush In Rio" on Blu-ray for the first time.

Fantastic presentation making R40 the must-have item for any serious Rush collector.

Bonus disc contains the rarely performed full 7-part version of "2112" filmed in 1997 amidst over 3 hours of largely unseen material.

Incredibly loyal Rush fanbase who are very strong buyers of live concerts.

Eagle Rock

Format: Music Blu-ray Box Set: 6 Discs

Cat No: ERBRD5236

Barcode: 5051300523671

Screen Format: 16:9 / 4:3

Running Time: 19hrs 7 mins approx.

Certificate: E

Subtitles: None



Disc One - Rush In Rio


1) Tom Sawyer   2) Distant Early Warning   3) New World Man   4) Roll The Bones   5) Earthshine   6) YYZ   7) The Pass   8) Bravado   9) The Big Money   10) The Trees   11) Freewill   12) Closer To The Heart   13) Natural Science   14) One Little Victory   15) Driven   16) Ghost Rider   17) Secret Touch   18) Dreamline   19) Red Sector A   20) Leave That Thing Alone   21) O Baterista   22) Resist   23) 2112   24) Limelight   25) La Villa Strangiato   26) The Spirit Of Radio   27) Encore Medley: By-Tor And The Snow Dog / Cygnus X-1 / Working Man

Bonus Features:

The Documentary - The Boys In Brazil

MX Multiangle versions of: (1) YYZ   (2) O Baterista   (3) La Villa Strangiato

Easter Eggs: (1) By-Tor And The Snow Dog animation   (2) Anthem (1975 performance)

Sound Formats: Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital Stereo

Disc Two - R30


1) R30 Overture (Finding My Way / Anthem / Bastille Day / A Passage To Bangkok / Cygnus X1 / Hemispheres)   2) The Spirit Of Radio   3) Force Ten   4) Animate   5) Subdivisions   6) Earthshine   7) Red Barchetta   8) Roll The Bones   9) Bravado   10) YYZ   11) The Trees   12) The Seeker   13) One Little Victory   14) Tom Sawyer   15) Dreamline   16) Secret Touch   17) Between The Wheels   18) Mystic Rhythms   19) Red Sector A   20) Der Trommler   21) Resist   22) Heart Full Of Soul   23) Medley: 2112 / La Villa Strangiato / By-Tor And The Snow Dog / Xanadu / Working Man   18) Summertime Blues   19) Crossroads   20) Limelight

Bonus Features:

Interviews: (1) 1979 Hamilton, Ivor Wynne Stadium   (2) 1981 Le Studio, Quebec   (3) 1990 Artist Of The Decade   (4) 1994 Juno Hall Of Fame Induction   (5) 2002 Vapor Trails Tour

From the Anthem vault: (1) Fly By Night   (2) Finding My Way (mpeg1 from Rock Concert)   (3) In The Mood (mpeg1 from Rock Concert)   (4) Circumstances   (5) La Villa Strangiato   (6) A Farewell To Kings   (7) Xanadu   (8) The Spirit Of Radio (Soundcheck 1979 Ivor Wynne Stadium)   (9) Freewill (Toronto Rocks 2003)   (10) Closer To The Heart (Canada For Asia 2005)

Easter Eggs: (1) Rush hits St John's (1988)   (2) Alex Lifeson interview for Artist Of The Decade (1990)

Sound Formats: DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital Stereo

Disc Three - Snakes & Arrows Live


1) Limelight   2) Digital Man   3) Entre Nous   4) Mission   5) Freewill   6) The Main Monkey Business   7) The Larger Bowl   8) Secret Touch   9) Circumstances   10) Between The Wheels   11) Dreamline   12) Far Cry   13) Workin' Them Angels   14) Armor And Sword   15) Spindrift   16) The Way The Wind Blows   17) Subdivisions   18) Natural Science   19) Witch Hunt   20) Malignant Narcissism - De Slagwerker   21) Hope   22) Distant Early Warning   23) The Spirit Of Radio   24) Tom Sawyer   25) One Little Victory   26) A Passage To Bangkok   27) YYZ

Bonus Features

Oh, Atlanta! The Authorized Bootlegs

(1) Ghost Of A Chance   (2) Red Barchetta   (3) The Trees  (4) 2112 / The Temples Of Syrinx

Sound Formats: DTS-HD Master Audio, PCM Stereo

Disc Four - Time Machine 2011: Live In Cleveland


1) The "Real" History Of Rush Episode No.2 "Don't Be Rash"   2) The Spirit Of Radio   3) Time Stand Still   4) Presto   5) Stick It Out   6) Workin' Them Angels   7) Leave That Thing Alone   8) Faithless   9) BU2B   10) Freewill   11) Marathon   12) Subdivisions   13) The "Real" History Of Rush Episode No.17 ".and Rock and Roll is my name."   14) Tom Sawyer   15) Red Barchetta   16) YYZ   17) Limelight   18) The Camera Eye   19) Witch Hunt   20) Vital Signs   21) Caravan   22) Moto Perpetuo (featuring Love For Sale)   23) O'Malley's Break   24) Closer To The Heart   25) 2112 Overture / The Temples Of Syrinx   26) Far Cry   27) La Villa Strangiato   28) Working Man

Bonus Features

Outtakes from "The "Real" History Of Rush Episodes 2 & 17"

"Tom Sawyer" featuring the cast of "The "Real" History Of Rush Episode 17"

"Need Some Love" live at Laura Secord Secondary School, 1974

"Anthem" live from Passaic, New Jersey 1976

Sound Formats: DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital Stereo

Disc Five - Clockwork Angels Tour


1) Subdivisions   2) The Big Money   3) Force Ten   4) Grand Designs   5) The Body Electric   6) Territories   7) The Analog Kid   8) Bravado   9) Where's My Thing? / Here It Is!   10) Far Cry   11) Caravan   12) Clockwork Angels   13) The Anarchist   14) Carnies   15) The Wreckers   16) Headlong Flight / Drumbastica   17) Peke's Repose / Halo Effect   18) Seven Cities Of Gold   19) Wish Them Well   20) The Garden   21) Dreamline   22) The Percussor (i) Binary Love Theme (ii) Steambanger's Ball   23) Red Sector A   24) YYZ   25) The Spirit Of Radio   26) Tom Sawyer   27) 2112

Bonus Features:

Bonus tracks: (1) Limelight (soundcheck recording)   (2) Middletown Dreams   (3) The Pass   (4) Manhattan Project

Can't Stop Thinking Big (tour documentary) / Behind The Scenes (featuring Jay Baruchel) / Outtakes / Interview with Dwush / Family Goy / Family Sawyer / The Watchmaker / Office Of The Watchmaker

Sound Formats: DTS-HD Master Audio, Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital Stereo

Disc Six - R40 Bonus Disc

Laura Secord Secondary School 1974

Tracklisting TBC

Capitol Theatre 1976

1) Bastille Day   2) Anthem   3) Lakeside Park   4) 2112   5) Fly By Night/In The Mood

Lock and Key 1988

Molson Amphitheatre 1997

1) Limelight   2) Half the World   3) Limbo   4) Virtuality   5) Nobody's Hero   6) Test for Echo   7) Leave That Thing Alone/Drum Solo   8) 2112 (all seven parts)

I Still Love You Man 2011

Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Induction 2013


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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Kevin J. Anderson announces 2113 novella and Rush-based story anthology

Update - 9/17/14

When I first posted this, I somehow missed one of the major announcements. Reading Kevin's most recent blog entry, I can see there are actually three Rush-related releases that Kevin is working on.

1. An anthology of Rush-inspired stories that he's co-editing.

2. A new novella that Kevin is writing entitled 2113

3. A sequel to Clockwork Angels entitled Clockwork Lives that Kevin is writing with Neil Peart.


At Rushcon 2014 this weekend, Clockwork Angels: The Novel author  Kevin J. Anderson had two big Rush-related announcements: A new novella he's writing entitled 2113, as well as an anthology of Rush-based stories he's co-editing.

Kevin also made the announcement via his NEW Facebook page:

For those of you NOT lucky enough to be at Rushcon, I made an announcement this afternoon about an anthology of Rush-based stories I'll be coediting with John McFetridge for ECW (publishers of Clockwork Angels). We have a gang of award-winning and bestselling authors already lined up to contribute stories based on Rush songs. And I'll be doing a novella called "2113".

Thanks to Kevin for the head's up!

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