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Monday, September 21, 2015

Neil Peart News, Weather, and Sports Update - Sep 2015 - "BubbaGram #1"

Neil Peart has posted a September 2015 update to his website entitled "BubbaGram #1."

The big news in this update is right at the beginning:

In recent months it became apparent that my experiences on the R40 tour in 2015 were much too vast and deep to fit into a couple of website stories. Plus I had far too many scenic and narrative photographs to fit in my usual format here. It would have to be a book.

Yet I did not want to neglect this forum and its audience--just "go dark" on everybody for the year or so it might take to put together a book. A fun solution to that conundrum might be . . . this! During the tour I had been sending occasional images of the day's travels to my circle of friends under the BubbaGramTM title, so I will continue that theme here. At semi-regular intervals I will post a photograph or two and an anecdote, to represent the work in progress.

My guess is we'll see quarterly updates from Neil.

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