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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Documentary about Niagara's Rock Music History: "The Big Story of Small Potatoes"

A new documentary, The Big Story of Small Potatoes, by filmmaker Paul Miil "explores the roots of the lost music scene of Niagara, circa 1964-1974," of which Neil Peart was a musician. While the film doesn't contain an interview with Peart, Jimmy Johnson, who became a guitar tech for Alex Lifeson, is interviewed.

One of Neil's bands, JR Flood, also has a song "Giant Killer" on the soundtrack. (Not sure if Neil is playing on this song.) (Neil does play drums on this song, according to the director, Paul Miil.)

Neil playing with JR Flood

On the website for this documentary is an "incomplete" list of bands from the Niagara music scene. Here are the bands that Neil played in according to this site (some of these are new to me):

  • Mumblin Sumpthin circa 1967 (St. Catharines micro-band)
  • Strength circa 1967-68 (micro-band) (Neil possibly sat in)
  • Wayne and the Younger Generation circa 1966-67 (falls band) was called The Devil's Diciples (sic) early 1966
  • The Younger Generation circa 1967
  • The Majority circa 1967- Dec 69 (falls/St. Catharines band) From The Younger Generation Rick Jones creation. There was a line-up of The Majority previous to this one, but no one remembers who.
  • David circa 1970 (after Skinner's version of The Majority for a couple gigs -- micro-band)
  • JR Flood circa 1968 - July 1971;  Aug 1971 - Dec 1971 (different lineup) (St. Catharines/Falls band)
  • Hush circa 1971-74

The documentary is expected to be available in Mid-November 2009.

Thanks to SRAWRATS in the Rush Forum for the head's up.


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