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Friday, May 08, 2015

Rush R40 Live Opening Night - Tulsa, OK - May 8 *SPOILERS*

By all accounts, the opening R40 Live show in Tulsa, OK, was everything the fans expected -- and more. As Jack Black might say, "Minds were blown."

Like many fans, I followed along virtually on Twitter, thanks to: @3C_Ranch, @BooksR4Tourists, @hoyboy, @gibbons_gary, @realmikebridges, @analogkidmike, and, @keezles_D (and many others!).

Here are a few notes about the opening night, as well as a few pictures. NOTE: There are major SPOILERS here. Close this page now if you don't want to know the details!

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Set 1:

Before the show:

Rush started the show with the Clockwork Angels stage set up and songs. Many fans noted their confusion about why the band would do this. As we soon found out, this was what Rush wanted everyone to think.

Then, the Moving Pictures guys showed up. They started moving equipment off the stage. In its place, they revealed older stage props (sorry no photos of these guys yet).


As expected, Neil used the new R40 drum kit, which is visible here:

Set 2:

When the band came back after intermission, Neil's drum setup and the amps had changed significantly:

This picture from hoyboy_ (taken later in the show) is the clearest one I could find:


Yes, folks, those are two bass drums with the retro Rush Starman logo. But if you look closer, you'll see that this DW kit has a "Chromey" finish -- as well as concert toms. If you look even closer, you'll see tubular bells in the background. This is something I honestly thought I'd never see again!

It also appears that Neil added a 6-inch tom to the "toolbox":

Geddy and Alex also brought back their own retro instruments:

The show continued backward into Rush's history until the band was playing in a virtual high school auditorium, complete with disco ball:

And then, it was over:

If you want to see even more details, go to:

Thanks to everyone for sharing their photos and stories tonight!


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