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Saturday, March 28, 2015

Neil Peart update: March 2015 - "Miracle in Colorado"

Neil Peart posted a March update to his website entitled "Miracle in Colorado."

This installment follows the 11-year odyssey of finding a lost motorcycle luggage case and its contents. (The incident was originally reported in Peart's book, Roadshow: Landscape With Drums, A Concert Tour by Motorcycle.)

Kevin J. Anderson, who's also featured in this story, tweeted this summary:


Above: Kevin J. Anderson and Neil Peart in Colorado, June 2004. Photo by Rebecca Moesta

Here's an excerpt:

Then I began to add up the irreplaceable items, like my shaving kit and medicines, my phone and address book, a copy of Traveling Music with all of my proofreading notes in it, the little Zeiss birdwatching binoculars Jackie had bought for our East African safari in 1987, and--worst of all--the Patek Philippe watch Carrie had bought me for my fiftieth birthday and the Cartier engagement ring she'd given me in 2000. I didn't wear them when I was riding or drumming, but I liked to have them with me, in what ought to have been a safely locked case.

Where was it?

One corner of my mind knew this wasn't the worst that could happen--my imagination always allowed for the possibility of extreme, fatal disasters. But at the same time, having barely survived some tragedies that weren't imaginary had left me permanently fragile. I lived and functioned inside a thin armor of "adaptation" that was easily pierced, and I was feeling bad about this lost case, near tears. I stopped at the side of the road, lit a cigarette with shaking hands, and tried to think what to do.

Definitely worth reading!

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