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Friday, May 08, 2015

Rush R40 tour begins tonight!

Tonight Rush kicks off their R40 Live tour in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As most fans know, this tour could be Rush's last major tour, so it should be a big celebration full of many surprises. 

SPOILER Alert: I'll be updating the following places tonight and throughout the tour:

  • Twitter: Look for retweets as I get them from fans, the band, and the crew.
  • Facebook: Photos and more
  • Photos of the night: As with previous tours, I'll be selecting photos from the official Rush site and fans.
  • R40 drum kit page: More updates about Neil Peart's new kit, including photos, specs, and more.
  • As we learn more about the set list, look for a new page in the Tours section for details.

Speaking of spoilers, if you're interested in following the set list as it's played, see the following sites:


If you're going to the show tonight, have fun!


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