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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Clockwork Angels comic #1 released

The first of six Clockwork Angels comics was released today, March 19. This series is a collaboration between writer Kevin J. Anderson (who brought us Clockwork Angels: The Novel) and artist Nick Robles -- based on a story and lyrics by Neil Peart.

You can buy Clockwork Angels #1 (and upcoming issues) at your local comic store or Rush Backstage, including "Cover A" and "Cover A Limited Edition" versions. There are even more covers available from BOOM! Studios.

Check out a preview of the comic here.


Here's the "Cover A Limited Edition":



The reviews so far have been great. You can read a few here:

Comic Bastards:

The art in this book is really gorgeous.  Apparently, Nick Robles is a newcomer so hopefully a lot of people will discover his art through this book, because I'm already a fan.  The whole steampunk thing is very hackneyed at this point, but the art is so good in this book that I overlooked that fact completely.

Big Comic Page:

To start off with. WOW! Robles' illustrations on this are nothing short of spectacular, managing to encapsulate perfectly the writing of Anderson and the feel that Peart gives to all of his works. The use of sepia tones to indicate present time is a nice touch as well, what with the story being mostly told in flashbacks, and gives the whole thing an almost 'Wizard of Oz' feel to it. Everything is so beautifully sculpted that a world is created that manages to be both Victorian Steampunk and Sci-Fi Opera.

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