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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Neil Peart Sirius interview available

The interview Neil did with Sirius Radio on 9/18/06 is now available online. You can listen to it at the following link:

9/20/06 update: I just listened to the entire interview, and it was really great. I realized I hadn't listened to an interview with Neil for quite some time, and as usual he's well spoken and funny. There are quite a few subjects discussed that I hadn't heard Neil comment on, including:

  • Rush fans
  • Rush dryers and vending machines
  • Religious fundamentalism in America and elsewhere
  • What it's like to look out into the crowd when he's playing with Rush
  • Why he loves riding his motorcycle
  • Where the worst drivers are in the U.S.
  • His favorite bumper sticker
  • Drummer jokes
  • Why the title of his new book is so long

This interview is definitely worth listening to. It's great to hear Neil doing interviews again. 

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