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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Neil Peart's first Modern Drummer interview

I posted Neil's first Modern Drummer interview from 1980. This is definitely worth reading.


Interviewer: When you were coming up, did you set your sights on any particular goals?

NP: My goals were really very modest at the time. I would get in a band and the big dream was to play in a high school. Ultimately, every city has the place that's the "in" spot where all the hip local bands play. I used to dream about playing those places. I never thought bigger than that. For every set of goals achieved, new ones come along to replace them. After I would achieve one goal it would mean nothing. There's a hall in Toronto called Massey Hall which is a 4,000 seat hall. I used to think to play there would be the ultimate. But then you get there and worry about other things. When we finally got to play there we were about to make an album, and thought about that.
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