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Friday, August 18, 2006

Neil's Picks for Quality Reading #5

Neil has posted another Quality Reading review on his website. In this issue, he reviews:


First of all, in the previous issue of "Bubba's Book Club," I definitely set the bar too high with that Hemingway review. In the first few installments, I only set out to offer brief recommendations of particular books I had read recently and enjoyed. However, I should know by now that everything I start out doing for fun eventually turns out getting all serious. Though I am by no means an overachiever, I do tend to get overly ambitious.

That same "trap" has led me into ever-growing ambitions in drumming, bicycling, motorcycling, reading, writing, and even posting updates on my Web site. Lately I keep wanting every one of those little "open letters" to be better than the one before, and instead of dashing off a casual report, I end up laboring over those stories as much as I would "serious writing."

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