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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Peter Brocklehurst's adventures with Neil Peart

What's it like to travel with Neil Peart on a tour? What was Neil like back in his early pre-Rush London days? Peter Brocklehurst answers these questions in a nine-chapter story about how his life has intersected with Neil's. This is available at .

I actually took the time to read all nine chapters, and it was well worth it. Brocklehurst's (and his guest writer's) observations of NP are quite interesting; they gave me a better sense of Neil Peart the man -- not just the abstraction of Neil Peart the drummer on stage or on a CD. This is only the third time I've felt this way after reading an article or book about Neil or Rush. The first was Bill "B-man" Banasiewicz's biography of Rush, "Visions"; the second was Bob Mack's article in Spin Magazine about the influence of Rush on popular music.

Thanks to for bringing this story to my attention.


"A lot has been said about Neil's attitude to fans and his unwillingness to meet them. Basically he is a very, very shy guy who feels uncomfortable with adulation. If anyone reading this was to meet him socially, you would be most pleasantly surprised. He is warm, funny and very genuine. He can be amazingly silly, in a lovely humane way. He just doesn't understand why people would want to meet him. He doesn't seem to comprehend that concept any more than we can of being in the falsely elevated world of rock star royalty that he has to live in. But believe me, this is a wonderful human being and I am very lucky to have him as a friend. He has never judged me, and always accepted my criminal activities. I think the main reason we have remained mates for so long is that to me he is still that slightly naive Canadian I met in London all those years ago, and not a super star rock drummer. Perhaps the fact that I am not a big fan of Rush also has helped. We both know that isn't the reason I keep in touch. Also I know my slightly unusual life style has kept NEP often amazed and frequently amused."

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