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Friday, September 15, 2006

Billboard: Peart chronicles life "on the road"

The full interview with Neil Peart is now on Check it out here:


Have you ever asked Geddy or Alex to join you on a (motorcycle) ride, or have they asked you?
Well it's not as easy as all that, to just throw your leg over a motorcycle. When I first started, Alex actually started at the same time, and we took a motorcycle safety class together up in Toronto. This must be '94 or so, and he took to it right away and was good at it, but didn't sustain the interest, and eventually sold his bike and just didn't continue. And I've talked about it with Geddy. Of course, anything that any of us is interested in is something we talk about, and he's just said, No, he'd be too afraid. I don't like when any of my friends is out on a trip. I worry about them, and I think about it more than when I'm on the bike. [Then], I don't worry because I feel in control, and if I'm careful enough I'll be okay. I have a sense that if I'm ever afraid, it's my fault because I shouldn't let anyone put me in that position. There's a funny mentality that goes on. Whenever somebody starts talking about getting interested in it, then I worry about them.

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