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Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Neil Peart Bower Show interview

Neil did an interview on The Bower Show on Sirius Maxim Radio. The transcript is available at this link.


BOWER: What are your favorite and least favorite Rush songs?

NEIL: That's a good question… we write songs that we really like to play. Sometimes we make them hard to play, so that when we play it for the 5000th time, it'll still be a challenge. "Tom Sawyer" is certainly one of our best known songs, but it's always hard to play. It's always a challenge, so how can that be boring? There's still an exciting thing about playing "Red Barechetta." There's still elements of that song where you feel the audience elevate. There are those genuine dynamic peaks and those genuine organic responses. We were playing the Yardbirds' "Heart Full Of Soul" on our last tour, and the audience started chiming in on the background vocals, spontaneously. It sounded great, musically, but to have that level of response was a cool thing, it happened every night.

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