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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Pictures of Neil Peart in the studio

Chris Stankee, Neil's Sabian rep, recently visited Rush in the studio and took a few pictures. From the pictures, it appears that Neil is using his new DW kit for recording.

Here's Chris's update:

In the past few weeks Neil has been in the studio with RUSH working on a new album. They have brought in a co-producer that has worked with Foo Fighters to add to the elixir. SABIAN's Chris Stankee joined them for a couple of days. He says, "First of all- how many people get to hang in the studio with RUSH?! That was as cool as it gets! They were working hard getting the drum & cymbal sounds recorded right and the song they were working on is amazing. Neil has an interesting routine happening too. He would play the kit along to demos working out the drum orchestration. Then retire to his office to work on the lyrics and finally making his way to the couch to collect his thoughts and then start all over again. Of course he and Lorne found a little time to pick on me in between. That's OK though as I bet they still haven't found the manicotti I left inside the bass drum for added flavor to the tone. I can just picture it...Neil thinking "man, Lorne stinks today" and Lorne thinking "man, I stink today!" Ha ha! Who loves ya fellaz?"

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