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Friday, January 18, 2013

"Taking Center Stage" companion book now on Kindle

Update: If you're using Windows 8 (as I am), this title "isn't supported" right now on any of the Kindle apps. Not sure why.

If you haven't checked out the Taking Center Stage companion book yet (and it's definitely worth checking out), it's now available for Kindle:

Here's some previous info that I posted about Taking Center Stage:
 The book is written by Joe Bergamini, who interviewed Neil for the DVD. I had a friend pick up a copy for me at the Chicago show, and it's definitely a book every fan of Neil Peart should own. Joe writes about Neil's drumming as someone who understands the details and nuances. Here's a passage about "YYZ" that's spot-on:
"One thing you'll notice if you attempt to play along to the song is that Neil tends to make his parts look easier than they are. "YYZ" goes by at a very brisk tempo, especially for some of the intricate drum parts that Neil has devised for the song."
I also think some non-drummers will enjoy this book as well, as it includes diagrams of Neil's kits and many photos (some of which I'd never seen before).  Here's more info from Hudson's website:
  • Fifteen chapters devoted to Neil's musical approach and equipment on every Rush tour since 1975.
  • Note-for-note drum transcriptions of 17 songs taken from the Taking Center Stage: A Lifetime of Live Performance DVD, including Rush classics like "Tom Sawyer," "YYZ," "The Spirit of Radio," "Free Will," "Subdivisions," "Time Stand Still," "Marathon," "La Villa Strangiato," and many others.
  • Detailed text from both Neil and author Joe Bergamini, explaining his equipment and his approach to the songs.
  • Exclusive photos, some never before published, showing Neil and his drums in vibrant detail.
  • Detailed diagrams and explanations of all of Neil's drum sets.
  • Other interesting images, such as Neil's Modern Drummer magazine covers and print advertisements from DW, Tama, Sabian, Ludwig, Pro-Mark, and Zildjian.
Thanks to for the head's up!

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