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Monday, August 13, 2012

New Neil Peart interview in Maclean's

Neil Peart talks about a lot of subjects in this interview, including a shout-out to his first kit with Rush, Chromey!

Neil Peart on introverts, learning to improvise, and why people should be nicer to one another - The Interview -



Q: Thirty-eight years ago you joined Rush, and the next day you went shopping for instruments for your first tour. What are your memories of that time?

A: I remember all of us riding in the truck down to Long & McQuade [a music store in Toronto]. What a young musician's dream, to say, "Look at those chrome drums. Look at that 22-inch ride cymbal. I'll have those." It was one of those unparalleled exciting days of your life.

Q: Did you feel you were embarking on a great, lifelong journey?

A: No, nothing like that. When I was young, my ambitions were very modest. I thought, "If only I could play at the battle of the bands at the Y, that would be the culmination of existence!" And then the roller rink, and you work your way up branch by branch. Whereas if you're [thinking], "I want to be a rock star" -- those kind of people just want to know how they can start at the top, and they're doomed not even to get to the bottom.


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