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Thursday, August 09, 2012

Site update: Two new replica drum kits

If you haven't seen this part of my website before, it features drum kits that are either replicas or kits inspired by Neil Peart's drums. Drummers have been sending in pictures of their kits since 2006, so there are quite a few to look at.

This time around, we have two kits:

Sean C's Yamaha Kit

Sean's kit is definitely inspired by Neil's modern array of drums, cymbals, and electronics  -- but is also quite unique:


Shawn Freeman's "Blakrome" Replica

Shawn's kit is a nice replica of Neil's A Farewell to Kings Slingerland kit. (Shawn also owns a "Chromey" replica, which I posted last time around.)


Thanks to Sean and Shawn for sharing their kits!

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