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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Classic Rock Presents Rush Clockwork Angels Special Edition - Now Online

The Clockwork Angels fan pack that was released recently is now online at

This has some great interviews and photos in it.


Excerpt from Neil Peart interview:

You played solo on The Late Show With David Letterman last summer, how was that?
I only found out a week before, that I had to cut the solo down. I just thought they wanted me to come on and play. It's like eight and a half minutes, that's not too long, you can get that between commercials. But that wasn't what they had in mind at all. So suddenly I'm frantically, manically editing, and we're on tour, just two days before we started on the next leg. So I flew from Los Angeles to New York to do it, and then on to Charlotte for the next show. They had to hire a truck with two drivers, because my kit had to go straight from that show to the next, so they needed these drivers going non-stop to get there in time. And when I said I'd do it, I said I wanted to use my kit with the rotating riser and my screens to light up like they do on stage.

It was complicated, but ...

Did you enjoy it though?
Let's just say it was hard work. I had to think of all the ways I could compress the eight and a half minutes, or whatever it is, down to three minutes and something. So I had it in my head, an arrangement of my whole solo ... It was too much! [Laughs]


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