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Monday, June 25, 2012

News about audiobook version of "Clockwork Angels"

Kevin J. Anderson, the author of Clockwork Angels: The Novel, has a blog post about the audiobook version of the novel, which is being read by Neil Peart.

I received the final galley pages of the novel to proofread, while Neil went into the studio to record the audiobook, and I tried to stay one day ahead of him so I could send in corrections and sentence changes before he recorded the words. I received email reports from him every day, telling me Our Hero's progress across the steampunk landscapes of Albion, Poseidon City, Atlantis, and the Seven Cities, his encounters with the Watchmaker, the Anarchist, the Wreckers...all while I was up in Seattle with Brian Herbert brainstorming the intricate plot for MENTATS OF DUNE. My head was in two universes (not counting the real one) but every night I took a few hours before bed to proofread as much as possible, send in more corrections...and we finally got it done.

Neil Peart reads audiobook of CLOCKWORK ANGELS: The Novel | Kevin J. Anderson's Blog

You can order the audio version of the book here:



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