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Friday, June 01, 2012

Neil Peart Update: "Where Words Fail, Music Speaks"- June, 2012

Neil Peart has written a new essay on his website about his life over the past few months. It's definitely worth reading:

Where Words Fail, Music Speaks


In this inspiring update of "5,923 words and twelve photographs," Neil writes about:

  • Accepting the Ronnie James Dio Memorial Award for Lifetime Achievement at the Revolver Magazine Golden Gods Awards
  • Writing a better acceptance "letter" for the Ronnie James Dio Memorial award, which he sent to Revolver
  • Attending the three-day event for the Governor-General's Award for Lifetime Achievement in the Performing Arts
  • Walking around Ottawa with his daughter
  • Meeting Pete Townshend
  • Recording drums for Vertical Horizon's upcoming album
  • Seeing the Jack DeJohnette Trio perform, which includes one of my favorite passages because it reminded me of how I've felt after watching gifted Jazz drummers:

"Jack's playing was supremely delicate and subtle, yet interspersed with deceptively complex rhythms and cymbal shadings, and a constant, yet seemingly-effortless pulse. Driving home after with my friend Chris Stankee (also Jack's representative from the Sabian cymbal company), we talked about the rhythmic lilt that lingered, echoing in our minds' ears. It was a Latin kind of syncopation, but the astonishing thing was that it was a rhythmic statement they had never actually played, but only implied in the inner clockwork of their music."

  • A story about birds I'd never heard: "In the late nineteenth century, a British drug manufacturer named Eugene Schieffelin got it into his belfry that all of the birds mentioned in Shakespeare's plays should be introduced to the United States."

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