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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Clockwork Angels" official info: release date, tracklist, art, and preview of Headlong Flight

Rush released a bunch of information about Clockwork Angels today. Thanks to Rushisaband for the head's up!

  • press release (plus has been updated with the Clockwork Angels theme)
  • CD Release date: June 12, 2012

Pre-order the CD on Amazon: Clockwork Angels

Album art:


Track list:

1.    Caravan
2.    BU2B
3.    Clockwork Angels
4.    The Anarchist
5.    Carnies
6.    Halo Effect
7.    Seven Cities Of Gold
8.    The Wreckers
9.    Headlong Flight
10.    BU2B2
11.    Wish Them Well
12.    The Garden

Press release photo:

Rush Clockwork Angels press release photo - by Andrew MacNaughtan


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