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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Photos of Neil Peart at Vertical Horizon recording session

Update - 3/24 - Added another photo of drum kit.

Sabian posted a few photos of Neil Peart in the studio with Vertical Horizon, which happened on March 19, 2012.

Neil Peart and Matt Scannell

In the photos, there's also a few shots of a new DW drum kit that Neil is using for these sessions. A few interesting notes about this kit:

  • The last floor tom isn't suspended, as we've seen on drum kits since Test for Echo, but is set up flat like the other two floor toms.
  • The X-hat is missing on the right.
  • There are only two of three China-type cymbals on the right side. (I think the Paragon Diamondback is the missing cymbal.)
  • The crash cymbal to the left of the ride is using a regular stand, instead of the usual one connected to the bass drum.


Neil's studio kit

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