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Saturday, September 17, 2011

The Making of Taking Center Stage: Part 1

From Hudson Music:

In this four-part series, Hudson Music's lead editor and co-producer of Taking Center Stage, Joe Bergamini, shares his personal insights and experiences from the process of planning and filming this unprecedented work.

The Making of Taking Center Stage - Taking Center Stage

Here's an excerpt:

As I walked up the steps to the restaurant, I glanced over toward the parking lot, and it looked empty. I assumed the Ghost Rider had gone, and was speeding over some distant highway back toward the Pacific Ocean. I had planned on meeting the rest of the Hudson crew at 7 a.m. for breakfast, but was up early, so I figured I would get a cup of coffee, read, and enjoy the scenery. As the hostess led me toward the back of the restaurant, I rounded a corner and found that I had been mistaken--there was Neil Peart, the man who inspired an entire generation of guys like me to play drums, and one of the most revered rock musicians of all time, sitting there alone, looking over his journal. Even after having met him in 2008, and having worked fairly closely with him since then on the project which is the topic of this story, I paused. Neil glanced up, smiled, and invited me to join him. He showed me some of the newest "passport stamps" he had collected on his visits to national parks.


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