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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Limited Edition Pro-Mark 747 Neil Peart model sticks

There's a limited edition of Neil Peart's Time Machine 747 sticks available, according to the Pro-Mark website. Not sure if this is new, but here's the information if you're interested:

Japanese White Oak 747 Neil Peart wood tip

Along with his band RUSH, Neil is responsible for writing and performing some of the most adventurous music of the modern rock era. Like a 5A, but longer with a thicker taper and larger tip. Versatile. Use in quiet applications or when more volume is required. Heavier in weight than the hickory version.

With RUSH'S "Time Machine" tour, Pro-Mark has created 3 different imprints of Neil's popular Shira Kashi Oak 747s. Of the 12 designs featured on Neil's "Steam Punk" tour kit, 3 of those designs will be featured on the sticks in copper ink. These sticks are special edition for a limited time!

Limited Edition Pro-Mark 747 Time Machine sticks

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