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Monday, September 12, 2011

Trailer and more details about Neil Peart's new instructional video

Neil Peart's new instructional DVD, "Taking Center Stage: Lifetime of Live Performances," is scheduled for an October 14 release date.

The website for this video now has a trailer, and more details about what's included: (The last bullet is the one I've always wanted to see!)

  • 6 hours of footage
  • Exclusive footage of Neil's drum rehearsals
  • Set-up and sound check footage
  • A backstage interview while Neil warms up for a Rush show
  • Documentary footage filmed in Death Valley National Park
  • Detailed discussions of classic Rush drum parts
  • Slow-motion drums-only demonstrations
  • PDF eBook with note-for-note transcriptions
  • A full Rush concert shot from the drum cameras only




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