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Sunday, April 03, 2011

Neil Peart's New Book "Far and Away: A Prize Every Time" Now Available

Neil Peart's fifth book, Far and Away: A Prize Every Time, is now available on Amazon, published by ECW press.

Far and Away: A Prize Every Time


Here's some information about the book from Neil Peart's News, Weather, and Sports February, 2011, entry "Talking Drums in Death Valley":

...Another big project was filling my days--a new book. I have long wanted the stories I write for this department to be "dignified" and made permanent by appearing in print, and at last I made it happen.

Typically, it turned out to be a much bigger job than I anticipated, but--everything does, if you aim high enough. Once I had found a publisher and stipulated that the book had to be in print before the tour's continuation in late March, they gave me a list of requirements:

I needed a title and subtitle, which would help direct the design of a cover, which I would develop with Hugh Syme, as usual. I would have to write a new introduction and afterword, supervise various copy elements for the jacket and flaps, choose photographs for them, find all the text and photograph files for each of the twenty-two stories, then read over the copyedited text, the typeset text, and finally the corrected text. All in all, it was a solid two months of work, but I was delighted to see it truly coming together--a collection of stories that had been written and published independently now took on a unity, a single narrative span, that covered almost four years of my life. At first I had been daunted by having to write the "Intro" and "Outro," but they proved to be the keystones in framing the twenty-two individual stories, to make it feel like one.

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