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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New website navigation and other items

I wanted to report a few changes to this website that will (hopefully) help you find information faster.

New right-side navigation

After not being able to find a few things on my own website(!), I decided to create new right-side navigation. This navigation allows you to explore the site by categories. Click a section to expand or collapse it. It's located on the Neil Peart home page.

"Snakes & Arrows" section

I've continued to add information to the "Snakes & Arrows" section of the site. It will continue to expand as the new CD/DVD releases, tour starts, etc. Stop in and check it out periodically.

Rush auction page

As I state on the auction page, my friend has one of the best Rush collections in the world. They are selling a lot of their duplicate items -- some of them very rare and unique. There are new items every week. The auction page is located here.

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