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Tuesday, October 08, 2013

New Vertical Horizon album released - Neil Peart plays on 2 tracks

The new Vertical Horizon album Echoes from the Underground released today. Neil Peart plays on two tracks, including "Instamatic" and "South for the Winter."


Neil Peart is a personal friend of Vertical Horizon bandleader Matt Scannell, and also played on the 2009 release, Burning the Days. Matt wrote about Neil's involvement on this album on the Vertical Horizon website:

A massive THANK YOU to Neil Peart and the entire RUSH? family for the overwhelming support!!!

Working with Neil on this music was incredibly inspiring. He comes up with brilliant ideas so quickly -- it is a joy to collaborate with him. Yes, he's the greatest drummer in the world. But he's also one of the most spectacular human beings I've ever met. And one of my dearest friends.

I'm extremely grateful.


You can watch a video of Neil's tracking session on

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