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Thursday, August 15, 2013

Clockwork Angels 2013 tour - Photo of the night picks

After each tour, I try to pick some of my favorite "Photos of the night" taken by John Arrowsmith, tour photographer and chief pyro tech for Rush. Click each image to go to the official Rush Photo site, where you can purchase these and many others.

Pick 1: June 8 @ Sweden Rock Fest

Why I like it: Captures the scope and power of a festival concert with Rush at the helm. Great view of the Clockwork stage and Neil's kit. Bonus view of the Clockwork props, especially on Alex's side.

Pick 1: Sweden Rock Fest


Pick 2: June 23 @ Jones Beach

Why I like it: Neil smiling behind the kit, having a good time. Great view of the Clockwork kit under natural lighting.

Pick 2: Jones Beach


Pick 3: May 5 @ Virginia Beach

Why I like it: The silhouette of the Clockwork drums and Neil against the "2112" intro film is dramatic. The cymbals reflecting the intense colors makes them look almost transparent.

Pick 3:  Virginia Beach


Pick 4: May 9 @ Uncasville

Like the Sweden photo above, this one captures the massive Rush stage, with the focus on Neil under dramatic lighting. Bonus: Drum tech Lorne "Gump" Wheaton in his office on the bottom left. Look real close, and you'll see an extra Clockwork snare on a seat.



Pick 5: May 28 @ Sheffield, UK

Why I like it: This photo captures one of the dramatic fire effects sequences during the show. But what makes this even more interesting (from a production standpoint, anyway) is the view of the entire lighting rig above the band. It's also a good view of the Clockwork stage and prop details.



Pick 6: July 12 @ Halifax 1

Why I like it: A great view of Neil and the kit during "The Spirit of Radio." Captures the energy of the crowd during the chorus.


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