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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Neil Peart story in Motorcyclist Magazine - April, 2012

Brian Catterson, Editor-in-Chief of Motorcyclist Magazine, wrote a story about riding with Neil Peart during the 2011 "Time Machine Tour." (In my own Washington State!) You can read the story here: Workin' Them Angels.

Here's an excerpt:

Following Neil down the twisty road leaving Mount Rainier, I noticed that he was using less of the road than he had in years past. Initially, I attributed this to the fact that he had become a father again (daughter Olivia is now 2), but I later learned that he had low-sided in gravel on the previous tour. Not this time!

The song "Workin' Them Angels" is about risk-taking. Based on an exchange Neil overheard at the side of the road--"You were workin' them angels," the wife told her hard-driving husband--the lyrics go: "All my life, I've been workin' them angels overtime, Riding and driving and living, So close to the edge." Now, Neil was literally riding farther from the edge. Can't blame him for that!

You can also read a pdf file that John at uploaded that includes a few pictures.

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