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Sunday, November 07, 2010

Neil Peart Billboard article: "A Life of Lighted Stages"

Neil has written an article for Billboard where he reflects on "Rush's history as a touring band." Here's an excerpt:

This current Time Machine tour, through the summer and fall of 2010, has been a revelation--for the three of us as musicians, feeling ourselves evolve into an even tighter and more energized unit (that alone is no mean feat after 36 years together), but it is also about the audience. Every night I look out from behind the drums and see all of those faces reflecting such joy from what the three of us do together. So many of those people have grown up with us, just as we have grown up with them.

As I wrote recently, "When people care so much about what you do, you can't help but care about it more."


Via Rushisaband.


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