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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Photos of the night - Houston, TX - Sep 25, 2010

There are just too many great photos from the Houston show, so I couldn't pick just one!

All photos taken by John Arrowsmith.

First, there's this great one of the ominous thunderhead hanging over the amphitheater. Also, looking at this picture you can definitely see that this show is "sold out."


While I've picked this angle before, there's something about seeing the first picture and then what it looks like from Neil's seat that makes for a nice comparison.


Finally, here's a really great shot of Neil beating his tom-toms. Interesting note for drummers: Check out the dents along the top half of the sticks. The first time I held a stick that Neil had used, I noticed this and didn't understand why he would dent them up like that (cymbals tend to cut into the wood). Then I looked back in interviews and read how Neil said he was actually doing rim shots on his toms because of the way it "de-tuned" the drum and gave it a "throaty" sound. 


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