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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Macallan’s connections to rock’n’roll: Neil Peart from the band RUSH

The Macallan recently posted a blog about their connection with drummer Neil Peart (the Macallan is Neil's favorite beverage at the end of a long day). You can read it on their site here, although it's a bit difficult to navigate to. I've posted it here as well.

A couple of weeks ago we were reminded that one of the best drummers to ever walk the earth is a big Macallan fan. This drummer is Neil Peart from the seminal classic rock band – RUSH.

You may or may not be a fan of the band, and you may or may not know who Neil Peart is.  In case you’re not familiar with either, suffice to say that RUSH is one of the most accomplished Canadian rock bands ever to exist. The band’s reputation is anchored in the trio’s longevity, proficiency, and influence – all qualities that we at The Macallan endorse and are akin to. Likewise, Neil Peart is one of the most revered and influential drummers ever, which is why we are honoured at the fact that he often professes his choice for The Macallan as his favourite drink after concert performances. Here’s more on Neil Peart and his level of mastery on the drums in the words of ‘Peart is known for his creative and intricate drum parts and extensive drum solos that delight both drummers and non-drummers alike. He’s won many reader’s poll awards from Modern Drummer, including 12 consecutive “best recorded performance” awards. In 1996, Peart became an Officer of The Order of Canada, the highest civilian decoration in Canada’.

In addition, Neil Peart is an accomplished writer. He has written several non-fiction books recounting his cross-country journeys on his BMW road bike in which he often mentions finishing long days on the road with a dram of The Macallan. He even blogs! Check out his latest post for August 2010 in which he tells the story of having a Macallan after ‘the longest travel day I’ve ever endured’.

So to honour his advocacy we raise a glass to Neil himself, all Neil Peart fans, all RUSH fans, all rock’n’roll fans, and of course, all whisky fans!

For more on Rush, follow them on Twitter and ‘Like’ them on Facebook and check out this great on-stage introduction to RUSH on the eve on their induction to the Juno Hall of Fame in 1994: YouTube Interview

Cheers everyone!

Via Rushisaband.


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