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Sunday, June 28, 2009

New NEP News Update: Neil's going to be a papa!

Neil has posted an update to his website called "Under the Marine Layer - June 2009." About two-thirds into the update, Neil drops a big surprise:

At the same time, under that same marine layer, my wife Carrie was seven months pregnant. [Pause for sharp intake of breath and shiver of apprehension.] Our baby was growing and kicking, protected and insulated in its own oceanic fluid, its own marine layer. The anxious (not to say terrified) father kind of wished the baby could stay there, safe from harm, and not have to embark upon a life of menace and potential tragedy. He had lost before, and probably couldn't stand to lose again. People kept saying it was going to be all right, and he tried to keep telling himself that. Even in the June Gloom.

When I first read that passage, I had to go back and read it again. Did Neil really just write that he was going to be a father?

Congratulations to Carrie and Neil!

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