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Monday, January 26, 2009

Buddy Rich Memorial 2008 now available on-demand

Updated 9/18/2101: The online version of the Buddy Rich Memorial 2008 show is no longer available at Drum Channel. The links below are broken. You can buy the DVD version of the concert.


You can now buy the Buddy Rich Memorial 2008 show on the Drum Channel web site in three separate sets, each costing $9.95. Note that you must be a Drum Channel site member to buy and view this concert. It appears that once you purchase a set, you can continue to view it multiple times once you're logged in (it doesn't expire).

If you're only looking to buy one of these, Set 3 contains most of the Neil Peart footage, including the drum solo and YYZ. One interesting feature is the ability to switch between multiple camera angles (for example, you can just watch Neil's feet).

This concert is also scheduled to release on DVD and Blu-ray later this year.

Set 1

  • "Preach and Teach" featuring Tommy Igoe
  • "No Jive" featuring John Blackwell
  • "Machine" featuring Terry Bozzio
  • "The Chicken" featuring Tommy Igoe
  • "Beulah Witch" featuring Nick Rich
  • "Birdland" featuring Chad Smith
  • "Time Will Tell" featuring Neil Peart

Set 2

  • "Little Train" featuring Tommy Igoe
  • "Nutville" featuring John Blackwell
  • "The Venture Brothers" and "Tank" featuring Terry Bozzio
  • "Willowcrest" featuring Tommy Igoe
  • "Mercy Mercy Mercy" featuring Nick Rich
  • "Dani California" featuring Chad Smith
  • "Love For Sale" featuring Neil Peart

Set 3

  • "La Fiesta" featuring Tommy Igoe
  • "Some Skunk Funk" featuring Terry Bozzio
  • "Mind of J" featuring John Blackwell
  • Donnie Marple - Guitar Center Drum off Champion - Solo
  • "Ready Mix" featuring Peter Erskine
  • "Hocus Pocus" featuring Chad Smith
  • "Cottontail" "One O'Clock Jump" and "YYZ" featuring Neil Peart


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