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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Site and News Updates - 11/27/08

There are a few things to report for this week:

The Snakes & Arrows Live DVD and Blu-ray disc was released on Monday, 11/24. I bought the Blu-ray (High Definition) version, and I have to say it's breathtaking. If you've been thinking of getting a Blu-ray player, this would be a great excuse. Here are some streams from Rounder:

The Drum Channel now has a free preview available of the Buddy Rich Memorial 2008 concert. The full concert is scheduled to be available on-demand on December 23, and then on DVD and Blu-ray in 2009. The Neil Peart segment is near the end, and it includes a bunch of camera angles including a footcam!


Neil Peart Studio ProFile Update

Back in April this year, we learned about a Neil Peart Studio ProFile project from Sonic Reality. While there's no confirmed release date, Sonic Reality told me in e-mail this week that they were looking at a possible April 2009 release. I'll keep you posted about this project.

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