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Friday, July 04, 2008

Site Updates and News - 7/4/08

As of this writing, Rush is currently on the final leg of their 2008 Snakes & Arrows tour. From what I've gathered, the tour has been successful, even though ticket sales are down.

On the Snakes & Arrows page, I've added a few links:

In my personal blog, I've added reviews of all the shows I attended:

  1. Rush at Clark County Amphitheater - 6/1/08
  2. Rush at the Gorge - 5/31/08
  3. Rush at GM Place - Vancouver, B.C. - 5/29/08
  4. Phoenix - Day 2 - Rush at Cricket (5/1/08)

Some of the more interesting stuff I'm come across in the news department:

Neil Peart has won DRUM! magazine's Drummer of the Year award for the second year in a row. The results are on newsstands in the August 2008 issue. To read last year's article, go to the digital version of DRUM! November 2007. Also, check out the article in the same issue entitled Neil Peart and Gary McCracken: A Two Prog Approach about the making of Battlescar. You can also read the article on Gary McCracken's site

Rush Never Sleeps: Rolling Stone -- If you haven't read this yet, check out the surprisingly positive article on Rush in Rolling Stone. For most Rush fans, this article appearing in RS is not unlike the fall of the Berlin Wall. However, this is not the first article that has appeared in Rolling Stone about Rush. An article about Rush by David Fricke, a longtime RS reporter, appeared in the May 28, 1981 issue: Rush: Power From the People. Like the current article, this one tries to decipher the Rush riddle that has eluded the popular media and rock critics.

Neil Peart's favorite cookie is the Pepperidge Farms' Nantucket (regular, not double chocolate). Neil's tour bus driver, Dave, recently posted a blog entry on his MySpace page about the elusive cookie -- and how they sometimes catch fire.

Finally, my friend's Rush Auctions are back. This week, you can get some great Neil Peart posters.

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