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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rush begins 2008 Snakes & Arrows Live tour

On Friday, April 11, Rush began its 2008 leg of the Snakes & Arrows tour in Puerto Rico.

As with the 2007 part of the tour, I'll be following all the action on my Snakes & Arrows page. If you want to see the Snakes & Arrows tour blogosphere on one handy page, including concert review, blog reviews and stories, interviews, articles, and CD reviews, see my category page. I'll continue to add to this page as the 2008 tour gets ramped up.

SPOILER! Rushisaband had up-to-the minute coverage of the first show, including the new setlist. It's amazing to live in a wired world.

The Snakes & Arrows Live 2 CD set will be released on tax day (U.S.), Tuesday, April 15. If you'd like a preview of the CD packaging, has a scan available here.

Here's a photo of Neil Peart on opening night (from


If you want to see the Rush press conference in Puerto Rico on April 9, here's the embedded video:

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