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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Neil Peart wins 5 Drummie 2007 awards, including "Drummer of the Year"

Note: This story was released on several web sites last week, but there's still no official word on the DRUM! magazine website. Evidently the official announcement will happen in the November 2007 issue of DRUM! magazine (on sale around October 7, 2007). I'll update this post when the official results are announced. 

According to,, and several other sources, Neil Peart has won five "Drummie" awards for 2007, including "Drummer of the Year." The Drummie award is conducted by DRUM! magazine

The awards include:

  • 2007 Drummer of the Year
  • Progressive Rock Drummer
  • Live Performer
  • DVD: Anatomy Of A Drum Solo
  • Drumming Album: Snakes & Arrows by Rush

Congratulations, Neil, and all the other drummers who won Drummies.

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