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Wednesday, October 03, 2007

European tour begins, more Snakes & Arrows shows, and drumtones

Today, Rush started their European leg of the Snakes & Arrows tour with a show in Glasgow, Scotland.

But the BIG news is that Alex Lifeson confirmed the rumors of additional Rush shows in 2008 in The Herald.

"The Police and bands like that are doing their greatest-hits thing now and we really covered that three years ago on our R30 tour. We want to move forward and we'll be touring this album until next summer, when I think we'll have done 110 shows."

This means Rush will be adding around 45 shows in 2008. No word on when and where. Stay tuned.

Neil Peart and Rush ringtones available

The Mobile Rush site now has ringtones and "drumtones" available to buy. These are, evidently, the first drum ringtones ever released.

The drumtones include parts of Neil's drum solo: Snare, Tom-tom, and Xylophone.


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