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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Snakes & Arrows CD released today

The highly anticipated "Snakes & Arrows" CD was released today. This is Rush's 23rd album (including live releases, but excluding compilations). has been appropriately updated with "Snakes & Arrows" artwork (very cool!).

Once you click the "Snakes & Arrows" CD image, there are other clickable areas, including:

  • Lyrics
  • Photos (same ones that have been up on for a while)
  • Player (not working yet as of this writing)
  • Biography (the Neil's "Snakes & Arrows" essay (PDF))
  • Track listing
  • Downloads (screensavers)

Track listing page

On the home page, I also noticed the photo gallery appears to be updated. I've seen most of the photos, but the interface is different.

Gallery page

On this site, I'm starting to add more content to my "Snakes & Arrows" tour page as it comes in. The latest addition is a "Snakes & Arrows" reviews feed on the top right (you can also view and save this as an RSS feed if you want: Snakes & Arrows RSS feed). I'll continue to update this page as more "Snakes & Arrows" news and information is available. The RSS feed for Snakes info is: Snakes & Arrows information.

Enjoy the new CD!

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