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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

New News Update - June, 2011

Neil has updated his website with stories from the European leg of the "Time Machine" tour. You can read it here:

Singletrack Minds in the Sceptered Isle

Photo from Neil Peart of the London O2 arena

Excerpt (about the photo):

In a previous story, "The Power of Magical Thinking," I concluded with a photograph of the audience I had taken from the stage in Santiago, Chile -- the first time in my life I had ever done that, and a memorable occasion to capture that way.

I decided to do the same in London, as another memorable occasion, for all of the reasons outlined above. On my way back up the steps and across the stage to the drums for the encore, I had Lorne hand me my camera, and while Alex and Geddy were tossing out T-shirts to the crowd, I snapped this photograph.

Like the photo of the Santiago audience, this one tells many stories. First of all, it's of me and my bandmates headlining in front of 13,517 people in London, England -- exactly forty years since I arrived there as an ambitious teenager.

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