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Thursday, March 02, 2006

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Geddy talks to Bass Player magazine about the next Rush album, the Rush recording process, pre-MIDI experiments, and how he sees his two bandmates. Worth reading.


Bass Player: How would you describe Neil's rhythmic sensibility?

Geddy: In many ways, Neil's more rooted in jazz than in rock--even though he rocks pretty darn well. I think in his heart, he's a jazz player who's adapted to rock. He likes to play on the very back end of the beat. When he wants to rock, he'll flip his sticks over and use their butt ends, and when he wants to be more nuanced, he'll play with the tips, and he goes into a whole different kind of swing. He just has an incredibly deep tool kit, so many things to pull out. Plus, his hyperactivity is pretty well known.
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